For quite a long time, I’ve been incredibly interested in getting into medium and large format photography. The unreal level of detail that this format can provide has always piqued my interest. Also, the sheer challenge of only getting one frame to get the shot perfect is really unlike anything I currently shoot.

Unfortunately for me right now, the cost to get into it is rather prohibitive (at least compared to my current situation shooting almost exclusively digital).

Thankfully there are awesome videos like this one (about large format landscape photographer Joe Freeman) to keep me occupied until my bank account can match my photography desires—Check it out:

Through the Ground Glass from Taylor Hawkins on Vimeo.

Here’s hoping I’ve got a long-lost relative somewhere with some large format gear for me to break into… but for now, I guess I’ll be taking the “large format state of mind” into my shooting—taking my time and making as few exposures as necessary to make the perfect image.